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  • Sarah OConnor


Updated: Dec 7, 2021

July 2020

Interior Designers can sometimes be regarded as an unnecessary expense to a project but this is changing rapidly as people understand more about what value they can bring to a project – big or small.

People also sometimes think designers are not interested in small projects, but this is far from the case. These small projects is what keeps them going and designers are so passionate about what they do, they are very happy to get involved in all sized projects.

Interior designers/consultants can help you optimize a space that you have been struggling with and make it look great, sometimes with little investment. They will always ensure you are involved and hence the design is ultimately yours as opposed to worrying if you are getting their design. People often worry about this aspect. No designer should be pushing their design on you and if they are, then they are the wrong person for the job. They will take your ideas and style and present it back to you with the best options available for furnishings, floorings, materials and lighting, showcasing a design that is cohesive, functional and fun. They will advise and guide and sometimes yes, disagree with what you might want at times, but only because it just won’t work with the overall colour palette, design or layout. It may not fit, it’s too big or for other reasons just can’t work.

Many designers charge by the hour, so you can bring them in for small projects or request just some advice without committing to a big project if you prefer. Many now offer online design, which can help you with just a few aspects of a project you might be unsure about for a small fee.

In a nutshell they can offer clear and unbiased advice and save you a ton of time and money when making decisions.

Here is what an interiors consultant can do for you and this will more than make up for the fee they charge you.

Save Time When one decides to redecorate a space, we all know we need to do a ton of research to find out what is available, who are the best suppliers and how can I ensure that it’s good quality whether it’s flooring, paint or furniture/lighting. How much should I be spending? What is their quality like? Many questions and many decisions. An interiors specialist has the answers to these questions already and can make light work of it for you. Even better still they can do it all for you.

Save Money Buying the wrong thing can cost you in the long term, sometimes even the short term. Think of a sofa which has only lasted 3 years after the kids have bounced all over it and you thought you would get 10 years from it or the mattress which is now making your back hurt because it has sank in the middle after only 2 years. An Interior specialist instantly knows which products are of good quality and are good value for money. They also have access to trade pricing and depending on their set up, may share this discount with you.

Optimise Space Homes are generally smaller these days and we lack the understanding of how to best to use the space and layout we have. An Interior designer is qualified to do this and can help you to see things you may not be aware of, maximising the space and changing the layout. This doesn’t always mean knocking walls, but if you are looking at an extension, they are often qualified to be able to assess this for you also.

Access to Professional Tradesmen This is something you cannot take too lightly. Interiors specialists have the knowledge around who is the best at the various trades to ensure that you get a good quality and professional job done and again at the best price possible. Saves you time, research and money. They will never send in someone to do a job that is not upto par and also has the insurance and relevant permits and licences.

Stick to your budget You have set a budget but now you have seen something you love and you go ahead and purchase it, to discover it’s too big/small in the space intended and now you are stuck with it. Not only that you have spent more than intended and its wrong. A specialist's job is to get this right first time, plus they are more rational about the product selection as no emotions are involved. This will ensure that your budgets are in their control and they will stick to them.

Wow Factor Designers can help to give you the “WOW” factor you’ve been looking for. They are trained to think differently, spatial awareness is a big factor and they can see the overall picture that sometimes you just cannot. They can locate wonderful fabric designs and know where the great furniture is, as you are unlikely to have ever spent much time looking. Ireland has or has access to many wonderful manufacturers and fabric, paint and wallpaper designers and designers know where to find them. A designers job is sometimes push you a little beyond your comfort zone to do something you may not normally have done on your own, which ultimately will give you a design that works and you will love for many years to come.

So your best option when renovating is to get them involved at the beginning as opposed to bringing them in at the end to rectify a few problem areas, this way they can do the best job for you.

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