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Dec 7.12.2021 Picture -

When I started out on this journey moving into Interior Design, one of my foremost thoughts was how home Interiors was like "fast" fashion, people were changing their interiors more often without much thought or consideration. I wasn't liking this much and decided my design business was to be focused around sustainable and biophilic Design. I came up with the tag line of Hausology Design "Creating sustainable interiors for everyday living, health and wellbeing"

It can at times prove difficult, as it can be hard to source what my clients are looking for that are made from sustainable materials and my job is to then try to get them to look at that other "sustainable" idea I have shown them.

Thankfully now, things are finally starting to change and I hope fairly rapidly and this is great news and it will make my job easier.

When I consider options for furniture and materials for my clients I look at several elements.

Production methods How is the product made and what material components are been used. I will look at natural fabrics over synthetic, use plywood as opposed to chipboard. Metal as opposed to plastic.

Carbon Footprint. At a very simple level, where is it coming from - China? NO! Ireland or Europe is my preferred answer with an Ireland 1st strategy. Has the supplier got a focus on sustainability when manufacturing and are they adhering to sustainable standards and certifications. eg FSC (Forest Stewardship Council )

Toxicity level Always looking for zero/very low VOC's where feasible on all areas.

Upcycle, Recycle, Re-use If my clients have some furniture they like but it just wont work, I consider how we can make it work - can we upcycle it - new paint colour, new design, or do we just have to consider how we can re-use or recycle it if not.

This sadly is an industry that does not have a good reputation when it comes to sustainability but I do have optimism and can see a lot of innovation in this field happening.

I am finding that more clients are certainly starting to focus on this and more designers are encouraging their clients to consider all these aspects and not just be focused on the colour schemes and the "I can change it in a few years if I get sick of it" attitude.

"Be brave in your design choice but also think how you can be sustainable"

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