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Sarah Costelloe is the creative director and owner of HausOlogy Design Studio based in the beautiful seaside village of Malahide, North Co. Dublin.


Our ethos is to design homes that promote a positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

We design spaces to ensure your home is a stress free, relaxing environment for easy everyday living.


We believe we need to flip our thinking when it comes to designing our homes, and make it more about how it can benefit our overall wellbeing. Thinking more about how it makes us FEEL.

Our emotional and physiological responses to our surroundings is often subconscious but can elicit a response that will make us feel a certain way, whether it be happy, sad, calm or anxious.


Sarah is passionate about good design and how it can enhance and create a positive impact on our wellbeing and works closely with her clients to ensure the best for them.

Each client in unique in their needs for the way they live and their family life, we listen carefully and guide accordingly.


Sarah is a qualified Interior designer with the Interior Design Academy of Ireland and has 25 years of business experience and many in project management.

She is a member of the Interiors Association of Ireland - a multifaceted organisation which supports professional accredited designers in Ireland, ensuring adherence to a professional code of ethics.


Sarah has also completed a course on the principals of Biophilic Design (a concept used to increase our connection to the natural environment either directy or indirectly ) and looks to adopt these principals in her designs.



Sustainable Design


We know now more than ever how precious our planet is and Hausology Design 

 is committed to presenting our clients with the more sustainable options when it comes to designing their home.

There are many choices available when is comes to each material and furnishing option, but its understanding which are truly more sustainable and eco-friendly.

We consider every supplier we use and look into each of their manufacturing processes to understand their commitment to sustainability. We urge our clients to buy better lifetime lasting products, use more natural products for furnishings and furniture, and upcycle existing furniture where it makes sense.

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